The Synergy Mission

We set Synergy up with the goal of creating an affordable watch aimed at the extreme sports market. The watches are not designed to be all-singing and all-dancing, they are designed to look great but be functional whilst out riding so that you don’t need to check your phone or your expensive wrist watch.

The Synergy Brand

The Synergy brand is all about extreme sports and collaboration. The idea of ‘synergy’ revolves around the co-operation of two or more elements to create something more than themselves. The logo itself has been created to represent this idea, as well as display an element of movement and masculinity. The Synergy brand will hopefully become a staple in the extreme sports accessories market and will achieve this by sponsoring riders and product placement.

Can I get Involved?

YES! If you are interested in being sponsored by Synergy Watches or becoming a brand ambassador then please head to our contact us page where you can enquire.